In 1985, the origins of Breweries For Sale was established by Steven Wardman, trading as SW Fabrications, in a small workshop in Devon. At this time we were mainly producing bespoke breweries ranging from 5-60 barrel to the specifications of the individual brewers. While developing these individual units, we quickly realised the importance of these units to maintain quality and efficiency for the customer, so the products were always supported by strong technical advice to optimize their use.

Our Company

In 2001, Mr Wardman designed and built a show brewery to allow potential customers to see the brewery actually working. This was also run as a successful commercial venture for 9 years, trading under the name of Blackdown Brewery. Eight different brands, three of which are trade marked brands, were produced and sold to various local establishments. This has given Mr Wardman a great deal of experience in brewery sales, recipes, point of sale and a good all round understanding of running a brewery. This experience and knowledge

is passed on in advice to our customers and forms part of our brewery package

when purchasing a brewery from Breweries for Sale.

The experience of running a brewery for himself has also contributed to the technical

knowledge and expertise when it came to designing the BrewmasterTM range.

part of SW Fabrications

Unit C5 Dunkeswell Business Park, Dunkeswell, Nr Honiton,

Devon EX14 4LE

Telephone: 01404 890096


Now in the year 2012, we have taken brewing equipment to a new level. Breweries For Sale, a subsidery of SW Fabrications, solely deals with the fabrication and sale of the BrewmasterTM range, CaskmasterTM, BottlemasterTM and components. These products are exclusively designed and developed by ourselves and are not available from any other

company. We are evolving, designing and manufacturing new different products all the time.

We provide excellent help and after sales care and are proud to

say that we continue to enjoy strong relationships with all of our customers, large and small.

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